Saturday, September 8, 2007

Fat free brownies? That are easy and delicious? TRUE!

(This is not a paid review, nor have I received any free product, incentive, bribery, jewelry, trips, or compensation of any form from this company. But...I'm open to any of the above.)

So one night while visiting my mom she says to me, "Hey, want some brownies?"

My mind whirled through pros, cons, potential tricks to this question.

"It's a yes or no question," my mom said.

"Well, yes,, I don't want to go over my points today," I said, regretfully.

"No, no, this is No Pudge mix, it's's fat free. You mix it with nonfat vanilla yogurt then microwave it for one minute and it's delicious. Trust me."

I must have looked suspicious because she brought me the box. I read the side panel for nutrition information and then I did a quick, only 2 Weight Watcher points. Not bad!

You can make either a pan or a single serving; we opted for two single servings and made each in a little glass custard dish.

Honestly...this is delicious. I think it is very rich and decadent. If you ever have chocolate cravings but watch fat intake, seriously, stock up.

I've tried all of the flavors. I'm not a fan of coffee flavored (not my taste), but the plain, mint and raspberry are too good to be true.

I can't find it in my stores, but I know HEB carries it and I bet you can request they order it. All stores should carry this anyway; it's that good.

You can also check the No Pudge website for a guide to Where to Buy or buy direct on their website.

Try it and let me know what you think!

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